Observations with visitors at the Hoher List Observatory can of course only take place in appropriate weather conditions, i.e. a cloudless sky must be reasonably expected for a few hours. With the following links you can inform yourself appropriately in advance. In case of doubt give us a call on the cellphone number given in the contact section.

To estimate the weather situation we recommend sat24 and wetteronline or similar internet services. For amateur astronomers working at the Hoher List Observatory seeing conditions (measure of air turbulence) can also be checked for nearby Schalkenmehren at the meteoblue service. In winter there may be excessive snowfall. The height of the snow cover is best taken from the data for the Mäuseberg near Daun. Also the webcams at Daun Airfield as well as in the vincinity of Schalkenmehren are worth checking. Light pollution is low at our observatory, as the following map shows.