In the beginning of the year 2012, the Argelander Institute of the University of Bonn discontinued scientific observation and academic training/exercise operations at the observatory for good, cutting of financial support as well.

The Hoher List Observatory - together with similar institutions such as the Bergedorf Observatory in Hamburg, the old Göttingen Observatory, or the Heidelberg State Observatory on the Königsstuhl - is one of the most important, history ladden scientific institutions in the Federal Republic of Germany. Also at Observatorium Hoher List pioneering astronomical research history was written, therefore the institution must be preserved at all costs!

We are therefore have to rely on your support. Become an active or supporting member of the "Astronomical Association Vulkaneifel at Hoher List e.V.", which currently has about 190 members. Below is the application form for membership, which you can download as a PDF file.

Membership Fees are:

Individuals                   € 60.-/year
Families                       € 80.-/year
Pupils and Students   €   0.-/year

Members of the AVV have free access to all events, including the top-class and very popular Wednesday lectures. In addition, members are regularly informed by e-mail about all activities and resolutions of the AVV.

The AVV is recognized as a non-profit organization by the federal Wittlich Tax Office. Membership fees and donations are fully tax deductible. For the AVV's bank account details please refer to the membership application form. Below, a flyer, the articles of association, and an application form for membership can be downloaded.