Youth Groups

On this page, we present our activities with youth groups. The goal is to convey basic knowledge about the universe to young people and to raise their curiosity, such that they eventually start watching the sky regularly, and maybe even observe celestial phenomena with their own telescope. This would go along with the perception of how unique our planet Earth actually is, and that we have to do everything to save and maintain the planet. The issue of "climate protection" remains a cardinal problem, also in a period dominated by the pandemic. Even though there are numerous habitable planets within and outside the Milky Way, these will never be within reach for mankind. The point is that we must maintain our planet as a habitable one, this dictum finding fertile ground in the young generation (Fridays for Future).

Visit by classes 5 and 6 of the Comprehensive School Kelberg on April 6, 2017. The AVV organisers were Henry Heimbach, Martin Miller und Frank Scholer. Both, teachers and parents were excited. Martin Miller held his legendary '3D talk', after which the crowd moved to the hill top of Hoher List with the instrumentation. The AVV people had fun and were in a ood mood!

Family day of SV Kyllburg on August 12, 2017, with Frank Scholer from AVV.

Visit by youth group from Gindorf on February 16, 2018, with supervisor Sandra Berens and Frank Scholer from AVV.

Preschoolers of Kita St. Luzia Wanderath on May 16, 2018. AVV organisers were Uli Klein, Arend Sommer und Martin Miller.The kids were supervised by Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Ant from the Kita. It took the AVV people who are not used to a noise level of about 110 dB in closed rooms with frequencies of up to (perceived) 1000 Hz, a couple of hours to re-gauge their ear canals to normal operation. It's been big fun!

Group of Young Firefighters from Wilsecker-Etteldorf on April  2019, with supervisor Manfred Hoffmann and Frank Scholer from AVV.

Girls' Day am 28. April 2022

Girls' Day on April 28, 2022
Next year, the AVV will for the first time participate with a campaign in the Girls' Day. Girls and women will be invited to visit the Hoher List Observatory and gain information about astronomy as a hobby and profession. The full-time program will encompass guides and easy-to-grasp talks about astronomical themes, as well as special talks about the study of astronomy at German or foreign universities, and opportunities in a professional career in astronomy. If the weather will allow, the event will be completed by observations of celestial objects in the night sky. A detailed program will be announced timely by the AVV.